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  • Regain Control of your Life
  • Begin a journey to heal the causes of Food-Obsession 
  • Replace Critical Self-Doubt With Self-Love
  • Re-define cravings as important cues from your body
  • Interrupt and re-envision your thought patterns and habits 
  • Reveal the Truth About Why You Eat To Escape
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"Bod behavior" is fortified with life-inspiring GEMS, contributed by expert mentors and wellness practitioners.


My first book, Eat Your Words, invited readers to explore their own history around food through the journey of Giana Giovanni, the avatar-like character I designed. Giana could bravely go (within) to the often uncomfortable inner-terrain. She was willing to shine light on the psychological underpinnings relevant to compulsive eating and diet fixations… something I’d struggled with for many decades, like many other women. Giana looked at the “hard stuff” for us, all things food-obsession. She processed for me until I was more and more comfortable to go as deeply within myself! Giana helped me to see that self-love was really the “prescribed diet” I was searching for.


Just like in Eat Your Words, in my new book, Bod Behavior, Giana Giovanni is again our “medicine woman”. In Bod Behavior, Giana takes us on a deeper quest—this time, to decode and understand for herself what BEHAVIOR is really all about, particularly, the behavior directly related to how we nourish ourselves—and not only with food, but in all aspects of our lives.  

About the Author


Author and Actualizer Isabel Chiara brings you a series of active, meditative nourishing transformational explorations called the HAPI Collective, where participants enter into their inner-world, as architects capable of reframing their own history in a loving healing light.

Eat Your Words, Isabel’s first book is a deep dive into the history of a life of food-consumed thoughts, and Bod Behavior, her second, is a related “follow-up”.

It stars Giana Giovanni, the protagonist of Eat Your Words, as she looks deeply at the underpinnings of what creates “behavior” and undertakes a deep, dedicated quest to find her own path of choosing embodiment.

“Bod Behavior is a real hybrid read. I love that it blends a “‘can’t put it down” story about a woman’s life, interviews with experts and sections that actively invite us to look within at how we nourish ourselves.”

~ J. Leonard

“For anyone who is in the work of ‘providing’ for others, this is must-read book.”

~ Becky King

“Isabel Chiara’s generosity as a healer comes through in this therapeutic gem of a story that is

especially applicable for anyone ready to make empowered choices and live their best life.”

~ Olivia Fargo

Bod Behavior

Unpacks the history and psychology of a woman in the deep throes of food obsession and food overwhelm, and Bod Behavior, my second book, brings us on a transformative quest of self-love as the real, nourishing path to deepest satiation.  

“Creating abundance in our lives is not just about ‘having’ more, but equally about being present our ourselves, with the abundance of the moment, with our potential.”


~ Giana Giovanni

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